Opening Day


This just in ... We originally hoped to have a full day of Spokes celebration with the highly anticipated opening day ride and annual party at the Greene Turtle in Bel Air. Unfortunately the weather forecast for April 9th was miserable, with temperatures in the high 30's, windy and snow showers, so we delayed the ride for a week.

But the party went on ... A good time was had by all which included food, libations and fellowship (no ring to control them all). We shared fun times with good food, great door prizes, silly awards and our very own selfie contest.

Opening day ride ... The following Saturday we were blessed with a beautiful Spring day, sunny skies and temperatures in the 70's. Members and guests gathered at donut table for a meet and greet at 9:00AM , 9:30AM photo shoot followed by a 9:45AM blessing of our bikes.

A special thanks to Mike Lobb for coordinating a minster to provide our club riders and bikes with a blessing to keep us safe.

Over 70 cyclist departed on three separate rides. There were no ride incidents/problems and all the Spokester's return happy and blessed after a good day of riding. Hopefully this is a precursor for a great 2016 ride season.

We would like to give a special thanks to Sherry Cooke (our ride coordinator) for organizing all the rides for this event as well as a special thanks to all ride leaders for this event.

Our regular ride schedule is now in effect. Please come out and join the fun in this year's Chesapeake Spoke ride season.


Now available from our store is our special anniversary jersey. Please note this is a one time sale so be there or be ... not.

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Chesapeake was founded on providing a friendly and safe cycling experience for all levels of cyclists. We promote camaraderie and expect members to treat each other with respect both on and off the bike. All meetings are open and we provide an open channel of communication were club business, ideas, suggestions, complaints are voiced for all members to see and respond via our exclusive and private Google Groups Account. Everyday, members are keeping in touch and picking up rides. Become a member and join the fun!
Criteria to ride:
  • All members must use an approved safety helmet in good condition, conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner, follow standard safe bicycle procedures, not operate non-maintained or unsafe bicycle and obey all local, state and federal laws.
  • All riders must be at least 14 years of age. Riders under 18 must have a membership application with parent or legal guardian's consent, riders under 16 must be accompanied by parent or legal guardian for all club rides/events. Non-members are invited to join in only one CSO ride as a guest and are required to sign a ride waiver.
  • All riders must obey the instructions of the ride leader and their supporting crew and abide by the code of conduct detailed in the membership application. Failure to obey any instructions, will result in that rider being banned to participate further.